A Few Good...Things

Another Tuesday.  Another week.  Another glorious abortion of comedy, just for you.  Only for you.  You know I love you, baby.  You can tell from all the bloodstains on my jeans.  Well, that, and the mucus trail.

I picked up a
hookah (also known as a narjila) a couple of weeks ago.  It's a cheap one, only $20.  You can pick 'em up pretty cheap around here;  Dearborn, which is a mere 10 minute drive away from my house, is home to the second largest population of Middle Eastern people in the U.S.  I also managed to find tobacco-free shisha (the stuff that you smoke in the hookah) in apple (my favorite), pineapple, orange, and cherry flavors.  It's pretty freaking awesome, and I suggest that everybody at least tries it once or twice.

Also, I don't delve into politcs here very often, but what the fuck?  Goddamn.

See you on Thursday!

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