Eye Of The Beholder

I want all of you to know:  when I speak of the beholder, I do not mean the Beholder.  Or perhaps something that holds bees.  I speak, of course, of the cliched phrase, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder".  Of course, you read this comic, so you're not an idiot, and you probably already knew that.  I, however, am an idiot, so I felt the need to make sure you guys knew what the hell I was talking about, even though I'm pretty sure that you guys have a better grasp of the English language that I will ever have.

So, anyway.

I've got a question for you guys.  If I put a forum up, would you use it?  What other stuff would you like to see on this website?  And, no, before you fire up that email client, pornography is not really an option.  Nor will I post illegal software and/or pirated music.  With that stuff out of the way, what would you like to see?  A forum?  A little chatterbox on the main page?  Or is the website fine just the way it is?  Leave a message and let me know.

See you guys on Thursday!

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