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Glory, glory!  Another week, coming to a close.  Or rather, uh, came to a close.  Like, whenever it is that I upload this.  Yerg.  Anyway.

Those of you that know me in TRW (that's The Real World for those of you not up on your Internet jargon, not Tiny Rectangular Walnuts or
that credit company) know that I have the strange hobby of game design.  I really like trying to come up with ideas for new games.  Usually, I stick to video games, and I've got a decade of video game modification under my belt (mostly for the now defunct game Shogo, but also for Quake 3 Arena, Quake 2, and Quake 1 as well as for Duke Nukem).  But, now, I'm working on, uh, non-video  I've got a small RPG I'm working on, a war game, and a card game.  All of which will be eventually avaliable to you, the consumer, for a fair price. 

Why am I mentioning this?  It's simple.

If I'm going to sell games, I should do it all official-like and set up a business.  And if I'm going to set up a business, I'm going to need a name.  And that's where you guys come in.

What should I call me game company?  Leave me some suggestions.  I really want to hear your ideas, no matter how silly.  Let me know!

And, just because it will warm my lawyer's heart to see my write this, I gotta let you know that by participating in this naming thing you give up all rights to this name.  You are forfeitting all rights to me. (insert evil cackle here)

So, let me know what your ideas are, and I'll see you next week!

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