Hunter S. Thompson

Welcome, boys and girls, to "Hunter S. Thompson Week" here at everybody's favorite work of blasphemy, Marion Barry Is Gonna Make You His Bitch.  And, yeah, he is.  Seriously.  He's Bad, he's Nationwide.  And he's gonna make you his bitch.  Shit, where was I?  Anyway, Leave It To Jesus, HST Week, and a crack-smoking politician.

Dude, I should totally make a "MBIGMYHB" comic.  'Cept I'm a white guy, so people would probably say I'm racist, and I'm not, so that would be one problem.  Also, Marion Barry isn't dead yet, so he might come after me with a tire iron.  Or a baseball bat, y'know, whatever he's got laying around.  He's probably not too picky, what with him smoking crack and stuff.

Goddamn, I'm sick.  Some sort of non-lethal plague.  This too shall pass.

I'm working on the game stuff.  It's gonna rawk.  I'll have more info for you on Thursday.  But, until then, au revior!  Shit, I probably misspelled that.  Lemme try something else:  later, bitches!

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