The Jim Carey Thing

And so continues Heather's trip through the United States mental health system.  Welcome back, kids!  I'm, like, trying this "coherent plot" thing out for a little while.  Call it a "vacation", call it "art", call it "fucking with the proles", call it what you will.  Hey, wait a minute.  What the fuck is a "prole"?  Is that like "parole", with, like, an extra "a"?  And just what the hell does that "a" do, anyway?  Maybe it cleans up after the other letters.  I would assume that they all live together.  Like, in a dorm, or a big house.  Apartments?  Hell if I know.  Fuck that "a".  That "a" is a bitch, and I'll put it down like a bitch, knowhutImean, Verne?

Whoo hoo!

See you guys on Thursday!

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