He Does Have A Point

Hey there, kids!  Welcome back to another wonderful week of sex, (psychiatric) drugs, and refrigerator humping.  'Cause that's how we roll, biotch.

Some of you guys are also visit another website, called
LiveJournal.  If you do, you should add me to your friend's list.  Why, there's more than a few benefits:
  • You get the find out when the strip's up, as soon as the strip's up (usually before midnight the night before).
  • You get to read more ramblings from me.
  • You also get to see stuff that never gets posted up here, like (non-LITJ) comics, etc.
  • You get to be fucking COOL.
My latest little side project is called "The Mustache Chronicles", and it's posted up at my LiveJournal.  You should go and read it, even if you don't want to add me to your friend's list.

See you on Thursday!

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