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Yes, you read that right, boys and girls:  this is the 300th Leave It To Jesus comic.  I can't believe I've actually made 300 comics...well, technically I didn't make 300 (remember that guest comic last week?), but I don't really care.  LITJ has made it to the level that webcomics rarely reach...and I don't mean the level where they end up with more than 10 readers, nor do I mean the level where they take away all your powerups, and the floor is moving, and you're like, "Man, I fucking hate jumping puzzles," and then you save your game 'cause you don't really like jumping puzzles, so you go watch a DVD.  Not porn, you're mom's coming over later.  I dunno...maybe "Tomb Raider"?  Angelina Jolie is freaking hot, man, and if you're still watching it when Mom comes over you can play it off, like "Yeah, I really like this movie because of the deep philosophical implications of a Buddhist with guns."

Shut up, I know that didn't make much sense.  I don't care.

Anyway, I'll see you people on Thursday.


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