No, They Don't

There once was a man from Nantucket
Who said, "Hey man, don't take my bucket!"
And just like the walrus
He joined in the chorus
And said "Who the fuck likes limericks anyway?  I mean, sure, they can occasionally be funny, but not very often.  And, besides, where the hell is Nantucket?  Goddamn Massachusetts, that's where.  And you know what else is in Massachusetts?  Motherfucking Ted Kennedy, that's who.  Fuck.  Also, 'walrus'?  What the fuck, man?  It's fairly impressive that you managed to find a rhyme for 'walrus', but is coherency too much to ask?  Of course it is, 'cause the motherfucker who wrote this abortion of poetry is probably from Massachusetts, and the only good thing to come out of Massachusetts is, well, I dunno.  They've got some pretty good Indian restaurants.  Also, coffee.  Fuck."

See you kids on Thursday!


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