Electric Orange Banana

Whoop!  There it is!  Of course, only if, when you say "it", you mean "comic", and when you say "is", you mean the present tense of the verb "to be".  Now, I completely understand that "There comic is" doesn't make much sense, but imagine for a moment that I am a very, very drunk Russian man.  Then, "there comic is" sounds like crappy English.  And you know what?  I'm okay with that.  My goal is to present confused and contradicting explanations for random behavior in badly formed English.  And isn't that what most "gag-a-day" comics really are?  Crappy puns?  Check.  Over the top stupidity?  Double check, goddamn it.  The occasional knod to (or, in my case, fellating of) the fourth wall?  Holy fuckshit, check that shit so hard the pen goes through the paper.  I mean, sure, you're probably reading this on a computer and not really writing stuff down, but the metaphor still works.  Shut up!  It works.

So, I also do music stuff.  Currently, I am recording under the name Cheerful Nutjob.  The website is  I am releasing a 2 song single right now;  soon, it will be avaliable for purchase on the miscellaneous MP3 stores.  Keep checking for further information.

Anyway, that's that.  See you kids on Thursday.



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