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Holy shit, is it Thursday already?  Man, I've got to quit huffing...the lovely aroma of Green Tea, the Prize of the Orient.  Not gasoline, or nail polish remover, or rubber cement.  Just the lovely odor of tea and Nag Champa incense.  Oh, and Murphy's Oil Soap.  This one time when I was in college, I filled up my bong...I mean, "water pipe"...with Murphy's Oil Soap 'cause I was trying to clean it.  And then I decided to smoke legal, fragrant herbs with it.  For, like, science and shit.  You wanna know what I found out?  It smelled freaking awesome, but it tasted like shit.  Well, not really, because the shit would have to be made out of Murphy's Oil Soap and the contents of an ashtray, so, no, it didn't really taste like shit, but it didn't taste any good either.  Anyway, science rules and dolphins drool, amirite?  Fuck yes.

Anyway, I'll see you kids next week, yes?  Beep!


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