Bactine By The Gallon

Whoa!  What's that?  It's a comic, dumbass.  Well, it's either a comic, or it's a website, it depends on what you're focusing on.  You might be focusing on just about anything, really.  It all depends on what you mean when I say "that".  Also, what you mean when you say that.  And "that".  Also, "this".  And that.  And this.  And that.  You could get with this?  Or you could get with that.  You could go with this, or you could go with that.  You could get with this, or you could get with that...I think you'll get with this, 'cause this is kinda phat.  And, no, I don't mean "overweight".  I mean "phat", as in "pretty hot and tempting".  Also, "penguins hork at toast" and "please, harm a twinkie" and "peanut hobo asphalt tuberculosis".

See you kids on Thursday!


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