The Purple Man

Ahhh...another glorious Thursday.  Isn't it glorious?  It's goddamn glorious.

So, uh...Happy Holidays and all that.  Ooops!  Wouldn't want to piss off the right-wing!  Better make that 'Merry Christmas', because, of course, there's only one holiday being celebrated right around now (shut up!  Hanukkah and New Years don't count!  Neither does Kwanzaa).

I swear to God, I didn't realize that people were taking this "War on Christmas" thing seriously until yesterday.  See, I was at this store, doing some Christmas shopping with a friend, and we were talking about theology.  More specifically, we were talking about
Mithraism, this old, old religion that worships Mithra, whose birthday just happens to be on December 25.  Look, I'm not going to go in-depth here about that, you're a grownup, you've got the Internet, go look it up.


So we we're talking about how, basically, Christmas was co-opted by the early Church from pagan rituals, and that, if it were really supposed to be about the birth of Jesus, it would be sometime (most likely) in April or May, not December.  And then, I looked up at all of the people around me.  The looks of hate were astounding.  One guy took it upon me to tell me how he made sure to send the ACLU a Christmas card ("with Christ on the stamp", he added, as if that meant something special).  Another couple yelled "Merry Christmas" to us as we were walking back to my car.  Yeah.  They yelled "Merry Christmas" at me from a moving car, like it was an epithet like "nigger" or "faggot".  I'm sure that makes Jesus really proud of you.

Well, that's that.  Sorry I got the strip up so late, but, have some Happy Holidays, and enjoy yourself this holiday season.  As often as possible.

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