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Well, here we are, boys and girls.  Another beautiful year, 2006.  Here's to you, and to me, and to the guy with the monkey.  You know, the guy next to the other guy, the one with the xylophone.  In front of the guy with the aardvarks.  In the blue suit, not the green spandex.  I mean the other guy with the aardvarks, not the one next to the girl with the George Foreman mask, the one next to the guy with the strap-on, the one in purple lycra.  Yeah, that one.


How was everybody's New Year?  Was it rocking?  Mine was.  Sat at home and fucked around on the Internet with a beautiful woman.  What more could I ask for?

As to today's strip, well, it's a little primer for the new readers.  It sort of reflects a couple of old Argyle Action Theater comic strips (
here and here), and, with some of the comments I've received and read on the 'Net, I figured we had to go over the material again.  's all good, people, I am here to inform.  Don't push the donkey on the way out of the airlock.

A little bit of site news:  to those of you using the old address (, please stop.  Use the new address (, or, if you want to bypass the '18+ or older' page, you can try for a page with the lateset comic and news on it.  Please stop using the old address.  Not like I'm really gonna do anything if you don't.

So, in conclusion:  happy New Year, and all that jazz.  Many more to you and yours.

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