Not A Requirement

Well, it's another Thursday.  There's another strip, and, once again, I'm late as hell putting it up.  Sorry about that.  But not too sorry, you know?  I wanna keep you guys on your toes.  I mean, if there's not much story and continuity, why should I have consistancy?  Word.

And, no, this strip is not the start of another Cthulhu cycle.  Nope.

So I need some help from everybody that reads this comic.  This year, I have decided, we shall take over the world.  Completely.  Our empire will be vast, and we shall rule it with an iron fist.  Towards this aim, I need you guys to pimp the comic.  Hard.  Post links to it in your favorite forums.  Send links to your friends.  Post a link to your favorite LITJ comic in your LIveJournal.  Anything and everything you can think of.

Speaking of
LiveJournal, would you guys like an LJ feed?  Send me an email if you do.  If I even receive one email about this, then I'll make an LJ feed.  And no, if you are the beautiful lady that lives in my room, your are disqualified from this.

Let's recap:  Late strip, no Cthulhu cycle, creating an empire through pimping, and LiveJournal feeds.  Got it?  Good.

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