The Kings of Utah, Part One

Welcome to the beginning of our new storyline, The Kings of Utah.  Now, I understand that you've got some questions.  Storyline?  Yeah.  I mean, sort of.  You know how things work here.  When I mean storyline, I mean, well, a sort of vague cohesion.  Not really coherent, or, dare I say it?  I do!  Understandable.  There.  I said it.  There is a story, and it has been worked out in advance, and no, it will probably not make sense.  At least, it probably will not make sense to you, but it probably will for me.

And why Utah?  Hell if I know.  I really wanted to name the 'bad guy organization' the Mormon Hegemony, and Utah sounded like as good a place as any.  But who are the Kings of Utah?  That, my friend, will have to wait.  You will find out soon enough.

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